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Generika Presentation   

Welcome to our Generika Laboratory Website

Generika is the first laboratory specialized in the development of generic drugs in Tunisia and the Maghreb approved by the Tunisian authorities.(SE Agreement – Generika)
Thanks to a strong experience and know-how, Generika accompanies you throughout your project for a result according to your expectations to the market and to the regulation in a logic of “full service”.

Our laboratory provides for its customers a highly qualified technical and scientist team.



  • May 2010 : creation of Generika laboratory
  • January 2011 : Activity launched in Tunisia and Maghreb
  • June 2011: crossing our work internationally


Presentation of the Founder

The founder Mr Ali Achouri, has a strong experience of twenty five years within the Tunisian pharmaceutical industry including fifteen years as a development and project manager of pasty and unstable forms:

  • Liquid: nasal suspension, oral suspension, syrup …
  • Pasty cream, ointments, lotions, gels …
  • Semi-pasty: suppositories and pessaries